Online Mixing

Online Mixing means that data exchange and most of the communication happens online. The term online in this case does not mean the actual music or audio mixing. Online Mixing is also called Mix Online, Online Mixing Service or Mixing Mastering Online.

A common procedure is:

  1. First contact & agreement
  2. Online data transmission
  3. Mixing and/or Mastering
  4. Implementation of customer feedback
  5. Finalization & sending of the audio files

For mixing the Musician sends the separated WAV files for every track in the song. In most cases it makes sense to send the audio tracks without post-processed effects, except for creative decisions like autotune or amped stuff. Besides the single audio tracks the Musician also sends a rough mix, so the Mixing Engineer knows how the Musician had the song when he sent it out. With the rough mix the Mixing Engineer can also check if a track is missing.

The Mixing Engineer processes the music according to the wishes of the Musician and then sends it to him. After implementing the customer's revisions, the final version is exported and sent to the Musician and/or Mastering Engineer.